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Rehab at Home is a locally owned and operated company committed to exceeding the home health needs of our local community.

We provide innovative therapy and nursing services that are covered 100% for those who qualify for home health.

We have achieved accreditation through the prestigious Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Whether you are recovering from a recent surgery or have been dealing with a long standing illness, Rehab at Home will help you achieve your goals.  We utilize cutting edge technology and individualized patient education to empower patients and promote independence. 

Our highly skilled and compassionate team of healthcare providers will personalize a plan of care specifically tailored for your needs.


We are 100% focused on your REHAB!

“David arrived about 7 to 8 weeks after my stroke. At that time I could only stand for a very short time with the assistance of a lift. During his first visit he asked me my goal. I told him to be able to walk again as soon as possible. He accepted the challenge and after just 2 visits he had me up and taking steps. Due to my insurance, 15 sessions is all they would cover. However, by this time I was doing quite well with a walker, cane, and even took some steps without any assistance. The week after his last session I sent him a text as I was mowing the Church lawn again! Next to God, David was the best help in my ongoing recovery. David became a friend as well and I highly recommend his services”

Rick – Patient Testimonial