For Discharge Planners and Social Workers

We work closely with local Discharge Planners and Social Workers

Improved Care Transitions and Decreased Risk of Hospitalization

Rehab at Home is dedicated to providing a successful transition of care from the hospital / nursing facility to home.  Our community liaisons make is convenient to refer patients to our agency and ensure all of the patients individual needs have been met.

Rehab at Home was one of the first home health agencies in the country to utilize the groundbreaking technology RiskPoint.

RiskPoint is designed to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and dramatically improve outcomes. Every day, Kinnser RiskPoint automatically analyzes hundreds of data points from each of our patients’ records to accurately assess his or her current risk of hospitalization. The results and details allow Rehab at Home to quickly communicate with the clinical team to take preventative action. Kinnser RiskPoint’s intelligence is powered by an algorithm developed by a team of data scientists using the largest dataset in home health — 2,100 individual data points from more than 3 million patient episodes.


76% of patient hospitalizations are considered preventable

We make it EASY & CONVENIENT when referring a patient  

You may refer patients to Rehab at Home by each convenient ways below:  

Fax a referral toll-free

1 (800) 906-8330

Call us 24/7 to refer a patient

(937) 597-6681