For Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

We make it EASY & CONVENIENT when referring a patient  

You may refer patients to Rehab at Home by each convenient ways below:  

  • Enrolled physicians log into Physician Access Portal to send e-referrals, sign orders and easily track their Care Plan Oversight (CPO) time  

Partnering with Physicians

Rehab at Home offers a truly  innovative way to collaborate and coordinate care with our referring physicians. Physician Access™ allows physicians to make referrals and sign orders in real-time over the web. This convenient, easy-to-use feature allows Rehab at Home to be a better partner in care.

Physician Access™ Advantages

  • Physician e-signatures and e-referrals streamline processes and eliminate loads of paperwork for both agencies and physicians
  • Physician Access™ expedites physician signatures on orders, reducing the need to fax, call, and visit to follow up on paperwork
  • Physicians send e-referrals, sign orders, and easily track their Care Plan Oversight (CPO) time
  • Physician billing for CPO is quick and easy with automatic HCFA 1500 generation
  • Collaboration with participating physicians is simplified
  • Nothing to download or install


Physician Access™ enables:

  • Physicians can access a single website and digitally sign all their orders on a regular basis with just a few clicks
  • The physician’s billing staff can save time by automatically filing home health insurance claims for certification and Care Plan Oversight (CPO)


What does Physician Access™ offer for physicians?

  • An easy way to send e-referrals, sign orders, and easily track Care Plan Oversight (CPO) time
  • Better collaboration with your agency
  • A tangible reason to refer to you!
  • Dramatically reduce faxes, calls, and in-person visits to have physicians sign home care orders

Our promise 

We will be a caring partner in your patients’ recovery