We are focused on your REHAB!

Rehab at Home offers several different specialty services to help you achieve your goals!

Specialty Services

All services are provided utilizing cloud based electronic medical charts allowing for enhanced communication, better care coordination, and improved patient outcomes.

The following are clinical specialty areas in which Rehab at Home provides evidence based clinical treatment in order to empower patients to live more independently with a focus on improved quality of life




Nurse on call 24/7

Blood pressure monitoring

Cardiac post surgical care

Congestive Heart Failure specialty education

COPD specialty education

Foot care

Diabetic education

Glucose monitoring

Lab draws

Managment of urinary catheters

Medication management & reconciliation with physician

Multiple drain management

Ostomy / Colostomy teaching and management

Telenursing visits

Wound care

Physical Therapy


Therapy on call 24/7

Accelerated Orthopedic Rehab

Balance training

Cardiac Rehab

Electric Stimulation

Gait training

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization


Joint Replacement Rehab


Evidence based low back pain treatment

Myofascial release

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehab

Rotator cuff rehab

Dry Needling

Spinal Traction

Strengthening & Stretching

Strain & Counterstrain

TMJ treatment

Teletherapy visits


Vestibular Rehabilitation



Occupational Therapy


Education in Activities of Daily Living

Fine motor skills development

Energy conservation techniques

Low vision therapy

Lymphedema management

Splint fabrication, fitting and training

Wheelchair seating and positioning assessment

Speech Therapy


Cognitive assessment and training

Eating & swallowing strageties

Feeding and diet modification

Managing memory impairment

Speech & language training

Strategies to improve communication

Swallowing assessment and training

Medical Social Worker


Arranging medical transportation

Connecting with communcity resources


Education on coping strategies

Education on financial resources

Navigation of medical benefits

Support group setup


Home Health Aide


Home health aide services may be covered when given on a part-time or intermittent basis if needed as support services related to your skilled care.