Here is what others say about us

“David arrived about 7 to 8 weeks after my stroke. At that time I could only stand for a very short time with the assistance of a lift. During his first visit he asked me my goal. I told him to be able to walk again as soon as possible. He accepted the challenge and after just 2 visits he had me up and taking steps. Due to my insurance, 15 sessions is all they would cover. However, by this time I was doing quite well with a walker, cane, and even took some steps without any assistance. The week after his last session I sent him a text as I was mowing the Church lawn again! Next to God, David was the best help in my ongoing recovery. David became a friend as well and I highly recommend his services”


Your services were excellent! Your team was very knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and friendly! I will recommend you to everyone in need of home health care. I had an outstanding experience. Thank you so much!!!

Patient seen after knee surgery

They made you feel very relaxed when they were around you, working with you. They are always concerned about your feelings, pain, and everything like that. I went to outpatient physical therapy after home health and they said I was ahead of schedule with my rehab time. I’m having my other knee done and I’M CHOOSING YOU!!

Linda – Springfield, OH

I have been in and around Homecare for 23 years.  I have seen hundreds of health care providers.  David of Rehab at Home is one of the most detail-oriented and caring people I have ever known.  He intuitively knows that “Home is the Best Medicine” — especially when it comes to our Seniors. David and his Care Team of compassionate physical therapists and nurses care for their Clients in the comfort of their own Home. Outcomes of their home care team speak for themselves.


I have had severe back pain for over a year. I went to PT for two months which resulted in very little relief. A friend recommended Rehab at Home and at that point, I was willing to try anything to help with pain relief. In a short amount of time, I have had very noticeable improvement with Dr. David Kerns’s therapy sessions. He is very friendly and professional and I feel comfortable when he comes into my home. I would strongly recommend anyone who is wanting relief from pain to reach out to Dr. Kerns and his staff.